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Frame Design picture framing opened its doors in 1974. They hired a Manager in 1988 named Gerald E. McGee. In 1994 Gerald purchased the business and expanded to open an Art Gallery. Frame Design GEM Gallery was born. Since then we have continued to offer quality custom picture framing and showcase local Artist as well as Art from all over the world. GEM Gallery carries original art, limited editions, Sculptures, Pottery, Glass Art and much more. 

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Art is to be enjoyed. Ideas are expressed through it. Passionate feelings and tremendous passion can be generated by it. As much as art in and of itself can be enjoyed, there is much to be said on its presentation and preservation. Custom picture framing is essential to art and artifacts. Without it works are often damaged irreparable and irreplaceable. I take much pleasure in picture framing. Framing can enhance art. It can prevent insects, air born particulates and ultraviolet light (sun light) from ravaging the particular arts substance. Most important though, it is an assured way of protecting and leaving an invaluable legacy for generations to come. Frame Design GEM Gallery's over 40 years of experience in this profession is committed to preserving art and most important our legacy.

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